Running the Gauntlet: Likeable Business Lessons from Jeffrey Hayzlett

In the first Watch Me Wednesday of 2012, Dave is joined by Jeff Hayzlett, a likeable thought leader and author of the new book "Running the Gauntlet: Essential Business Lessons to Lead, Drive Change and Grow Profits." The book is about driving change by making gradual adjustments to stay alive in the business world.  In larger organizations, change can be achieved by changing the mood and taking risks.  Be willing to make mistakes and create tension, because at the end of the day, "no one's going to die."

One unique aspect of Jeff's book is the use of Snaptags to allow readers to access additional media, like video content to accompany the text.  Unlike traditional QR codes, which are ugly and cumbersome, requiring a standalone app to read, Snaptags are branded 2-D designs that can be texted in to receive new content.  In our social media predictions for 2012, we predicted that QR codes and Snaptags would continue to evolve and be adapted by brands.