Screen to Screen: Brands That Are Taking Social Full Circle

By Carrie Tylawsky  More and more often we are seeing brands fully integrating their social marketing into their overall consumer-facing strategy. It started slow (a link here, a call to action there) but increasingly over the past few months we at Likeable have seen this taking over - especially on TV. Here are a few examples of brands that are really bringing social full-circle and compelling their fans to join the conversation online through their ads and shows.

1. @esurance

Esurance Ad

Check out the video above - this is one of the most compelling ads I’ve seen. It’s taking a big risk – they’re sending potential customers to their Facebook page where someone might be ranting about them, yet they’re trusting their customer service and quality of work enough to let that happen. This shows huge trust in their employees and customers – they have the confidence to know that no matter what time of day you take the first click, you’re most likely going to be converted to be a fan and customer.

2. @bravotv

Bravo TV has been one of the most successful users of socially sourced content out there. Every time I catch a Top Chef, I’m reminded endlessly that I can follow real-life commentary and conversation online with specific hashtags. Not only that, but they offer incentives to join the stream by showcasing specific tweets on right on the show. This is as full circle as it gets in my opinion


3. @GMA

This might be cheating to have two TV shows, but I was completely blown away by Good Morning America’s “Your 3 Words” campaign. If you haven’t seen it already, check it out on the link here. This is the perfect example of a campaign that took all social networks including YouTube, Twitter, and Facebook, and intertwined it with a regularly scheduled program to host a live event covered from all ends of the globe that continues to exist and thrive after the initial day. People are still tweeting about it, sending in videos and photos, and sharing with their networks - pretty impressive strategy.


There are many more to add to this list, and hopefully more to convert! Have you seen brands lately that have been taking social full-circle? Share your thoughts with a comment below!