Sh*t Likeable Says!

By: Allie Herzog By now you've all probably seen at least one (if not 100) of the hilarious "Sh*t so-and-so Says" videos floating around your Facebook or Twitter feed.  Some of my personal favorites were  focused on the Social Media Industry and New Yorkers.  While I'm sure every company has their catch phrases that can be heard over and over again, I can say with certainty that Likeable's are literally written on our walls!  Listed below are just a few things that you will hear being muttered if you enter the walls of Likeable!  

1) "Whose joining #LikeableChat tonight?"

We first launched our #Likeablechat in June 2011 as a way to better connect with our peers, brands and anyone interested in chatting about the world of social media.  Our fearless moderator Michele (better known as @ottogrl) has now hosted more than 25 Sunday night chats that have included brands such as DKNY, Crumbs Bake Shop, Red Mango and many more!

2) "Are you coming to Wine Wednesday today?"

Wine Wednesday was the collective brainchild of us Likeable employees who share a strong  passion for two things - wine and social media.  We strongly believe this is one of the best pairings since PB&J and thus, Wine Wednesday was born.  This bi-weekly occurrence is a Google hangout hosted by both the NYC and Boston Likeable offices where we sip wine and video chat with other social media enthusiasts about whatever the hot topics are that week.  For more info on Wine Wednesday, feel free to tweet @frankramblings who is our unofficial MC!

3) "So, did we confirm Jimmy Fallon yet for Likeable U, Take 2?"

Last June, Likeable held their first ever Summit, a two-day event focusing on the ever-changing landscape of social media.  This year, we are at it again, and are currently scouring the universe for the best and most awesome speakers.  We've even taken our efforts to our new favorite social network Pinterest to share our potential speakers with the world.  On our wishlist are Jimmy Fallon, Seth Myers, Tina Fey, Bravo Andy,  Mark Zuckerberg and Barack Obama.  Hey, aim high right?  PS, Jimmy if you're reading this, email me at and let me know your availability!

4) "Do they fit our "core values?"

In case you didn't know - everything we do at Likeable is centered around our core values of being Likeable, Driven, Transparent, Passionate and Thought Leaders.  Everyone we hire essentially shares these characteristics and we are constantly challenging ourselves to exhibit these characteristics both professionally and in building our personal brand.  Think you share these traits?  Check out our current job openings here.

5) "So what's their goals?"

Perhaps the most important part of developing kick-ass (and award-winning) strategies for our clients is establishing their goals early on.  Before we dive into creating a strategy for a client, we work with them to define their goals and make sure everyone involved has those in the back of their minds at all times.  We even create arts and crafts style "mission boards" to remind us everyday what we are trying to accomplish for each client!

Does your company have it's own quirky sayings you find yourself saying (or listening to!) 100 times a day?  Share them with us in the comments!