"Social" Bowl XLVI Predictions

By Dan Bergeron Yesterday's victories for the New England Patriots and New York Giants mean many things for football fans and non-football fans across the country.  If you hail from New England or New York, you are probably ecstatic for a Super Bowl rematch from four years ago.  If you are from other parts of the country, you likely do not care too much to see another New England and New York sporting rivalry.  Whether you love or hate the teams going to Super Bowl XLVI, or perhaps do not even watch football, there's no denying that it is one of the largest advertising events of the year.  Many brands are taking on a more social approach to their Super Bowl advertising.

There's no denying the rivalry between New England and New York sports teams is always a large revenue generator for many brands.    The Super Bowl is always a large advertising opportunity.  The past few decades, TV commercials during the Super Bowl were coveted ad space.  Millions of people around the country gather with friends and watch the game together and also talk about the humorous or questionable commercials throughout the game.  More recently, many brands have decided to incorporate their social media efforts into Super Bowl advertising.  The consumer experience during the Super Bowl can be overwhelming, being exposed to so many different brand messages, slogans and catchy jingles.  In order for a brand to stand apart from the rest, they need to create a more memorable experience.  The way brands are starting to do that is by personalizing their campaigns more.  Brands are connecting with football fans on different social networks, asking for input, predictions, and advertising ideas.  Connecting one of the largest televised sporting events with the largest social network seems like the perfect match.

Bud Light is conducting two contests, one which asked fans to predict a game play, sending a winner to the Super Bowl.  The other contest asks fans to submit a video explaining why they would make the best Super Bowl Correspondent for Bud Light.  The winner is sent to the Super Bowl to interview athletes on behalf of Bud Light, have the full VIP experience and stay in the Bud Light Hotel.  This contest not only generates a lot of engagement, but also gives one lucky Facebook fan the experience of a lifetime.

Doritos is also taking a very social approach to Super Bowl advertising.  Their 'Crash the Super Bowl' contest asked fans to create a commercial and generate the most votes to be aired during the Super Bowl.  In order to generate more votes and higher engagement on the contest, Doritos also announced that they will give away $10,000 for each 100,000 votes to one lucky voter.  This encourages not only those who made the videos, but also everyday voters to get involved.

Chevrolet has taken a large scale social approach.  Rather than sending fans to the Super Bowl, Chevy has decided to give away 20 brand new vehicles to fans who download the 'Chevy Game Time App.'  The mobile app asks users to answer trivia questions about the big game, with top winners receiving a chance to get the keys to a brand new Chevrolet and thousands of other small prizes.  Chevrolet certainly is not afraid to indulge a bit with this large scale giveaway campaign.

Consumer Brands aren't the only ones taking a more social approach to the Super Bowl this year.  Recently, it has been announced that Super Bowl XLVI will have its very own 'Social Media Command Center.'  The hosting city of the Super Bowl is bound to be flooded by tailgaters and fans looking for parking, bathrooms, places to eat, among many other things.  The command center will be a place for a staff of strategists to monitor and engage with fans across the social web on game day.  They will be able to reply to fans asking questions and provide insight and tips for those visiting Indianapolis for Super Bowl XLVI.

What other brands do you think will incorporate social media into their Super Bowl advertising campaigns?  Which brand do you think will have the best social media integration for the Super Bowl?