The Right Social Networks for B2B

By Dave Kerpen Last week our Management team at Likeable met over a retreat to craft our own marketing plan for 2012. As a social media agency, we work with clients on leveraging Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube, Foursquare, Instagram, Pinterest, the list goes on and on. For the last few years, because of all of the work we've done for clients on Facebook, we've worked hard to establish a robust presence for ourselves on Facebook, gaining over 22,000 likes and generating lots on engaging conversation. But how  important is robust Facebook presence for us? We are clearly a B-to-B company ourselves, whose target customer is a CMO, Brand manager, or Marketing Director.

We did an exercise where I had each of 6 managers write down a list of the most important social networks for our own marketing. Facebook didn't make the top 3 on anyone's list. Here are the five most important social networks for our own marketing, as decided by the six leaders of our company:

1) LinkedIn

2) Twitter

3) Slideshare

4) Google+

5) Quora

Facebook may have 800 million users, and may be really important for our clients, or YOUR business. Other networks may have far fewer people using them. But before you spend precious time and money on social networks, think carefully about your customers, where they spend their time, how they buy or consider you, and what your specific goals are for each network. You might think twice.