5 Unbelievable Reasons Your Business Should Be On LinkedIn

By Carrie Tylawsky

LinkedIn has been around since 2003, but, over the past couple years, it has seen tremendous growth that has catapulted it to success and driven it to become an essential tool for business growth. The most powerful aspect of LinkedIn is that it is an organic way to network with people who you might never have the opportunity to meet in any other scenario. Whether you are a job seeker, a business owner looking to make connections with other businesses, or a recruiter, everyone can benefit from joining. The proof is in the growth, as seen in the following statistics.

1. There are over 150 million LinkedIn users. If you aren't on the professional social network, you are missing out on networking opportunities that have never been seen before. LinkedIn shows you how many connections are available, who you could be introduced to, and how your business can grow from merely having an active profile.

2. A new member joins LinkedIn every single second. It has passed the point when LinkedIn was only for the technologically savvy generation. With such rapid growth, it is essential to be available and searchable for the thousands of new users every day.

3. Executives from every single Fortune500 company are currently on LinkedIn. This offers an immediate opportunity to realistically make connections to these executives and potentially work together in the future. What used to require event networking and cold email marketing can now be done in an organic and natural way.

4. 50% of LinkedIn users are key decision makers in business. When you make a connection, you are giving yourself a true business opportunity.

5. 41% of people use LinkedIn for marketing, 70% for job hunting, and 80% for talent recruitment. Building and optimizing your company's profile will earn you a place in these statistics that will make a meaningful impact on your business.

With statistics like these, it's easy to see why LinkedIn continuously ranks as one of the top social networks and also why it has become a top B2B marketing tool.


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Source: http://visual.ly/linkedin-101 published by @Hubspot