Likeable Business: It’s Not Just About Social Media

By Dave Kerpen Readers of this blog surely know about my first book, Likeable Social Media. I’m so grateful to each and every one of you who’s purchased, read, reviewed and talked about the book, and it’s success has truly exceeded my wildest expectations, thanks to you. Now, I’ve begun to write my second book, entitled Likeable Business: Why Today’s Consumers Demand More and How Leaders Can Deliver. As I wrote the 1st book and spoke about it to companies and associations, I realized that as valuable as the strategies are, those strategies – as well as social media in general, can’t be executed in a silo. A company that’s responsive on social networks but has crappy customer customer service, won’t do well. A company that tells great stories on Facebook but has a closed, non-transparent corporate culture will eventually fail. In today’s society, more than ever before, the social, likeable business will succeed over its competitors.

So today, I’m looking for stories, from YOU. Below are the 11 principles of a Likeable Business that I’m working on. If you, your CEO, or your business, brand or organization demonstrates any of these principles, I’d like to interview you. Please contact and let us know your story. If selected, you and your organization will be featured in my next book, coming out this October from McGraw-Hill.

Thanks again! And if you’re reading this and have thoughts or questions, I’d love to hear from you in the comments as well. What do YOU think makes a likeable business?

  1. Likeable Listening
  2. Likeable Storytelling
  3. Likeable Authenticity
  4. Likeable Transparency
  5. Likeable Responsiveness
  6. Likeable Flexibility
  7. Likeable Passion
  8. Likeable Surprise & Delight
  9. Likeable Team Playing: By the Rules & Out of the Box
  10. Likeable Simplicity
  11. Likeable Gratefulness