Pinterest: WTF is Going On?!

In this week's Watch Me Wednesday, I discuss the newest social media network to be on - Pinterest!  Pinterest's launch has been explosive.  The invite-only photo sharing site has already hit ten million users and has been recognized as the fastest growing social media website ever.  Techcrunch has even named it the best startup of 2011. On a marketing level, Pinterest is vital for company advertising.  It is easy to understand Pinners' likes and interests and it therefore provides an opportunity to cater toward users.  Companies like Bergdorf Goodman have already taken advantage of pinning, and have created popular photo boards that are interactive with followers.  Bergdorf has a board where they ask "in the morning I never forget..?" and followers pin their answers.  This encourages a more personal interaction with prospective customers.  Other companies should take Bergdorf Goodman's lead, especially because most users are prime customers - 18-34 aged women from the midwest.

Do you follow any brands or companies on Pinterest?  Have they done anything that you've liked?

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