The Top Live-Tweeting #Tips

By: Nicole Mastrangelo Whether you are watching your favorite Bravo show or loving an event at a Social Media conference, the chance that someone, somewhere, is live-tweeting what you see is very strong. Live-tweeting became possible as hashtags and conversation merged through online platforms. People on Twitter wanted to chat with each other (I mean, what’s the point of Social Media without the ability to be extremely social), and this quick fix was exactly what the public needed. Now that live-tweeting has been around for quite some time, the ability to “chat” has truly expanded outside of its original roots.

Media sources, including brands, broadcasting companies, and publications, are all using this Twitter feature to keep their followers interested in the relevant events of the day. Among the online community, it is now completely acceptable to see live-tweeting from your favorite accounts during television programs, live speeches and, various events. If you haven’t tried live-tweeting for your brand yet, then I highly suggest this tactic for engagementpalooza on your page. But, before you get going too quickly, I do have a few tips to make your experience both successful and beneficial for you and your followers. Here are my top three:

1. #MaintainYourHashtag

One of the most recognizable features of live-tweeting is the aspect of maintaining a set hashtag. Within your hashtag, you want to include a pre-set (as in, before you’re three tweets into the session) word or phrase that explains to your followers exactly what you’re going on about. While you will obviously be using this feature to maintain consistency in your discussion, you are also making sure that your followers still know what you are talking about. While some hashtags are easily recognizable with program or event names, even the most obscure reference can be searched directly on Twitter to keep away confusion. Who knows- if you’re able to create your own hashtag and keep the engagement flowing, then you may find yourself a Trending Topic!

2. Quote It Up!

Although you may think that you are the funniest Twitter user who ever lived (and I really do believe you have a fighting chance for the title), sometimes even the best quips and comments can fall short to the success of a great quotation. While the idea of a live-tweet is obviously to create the conversation, you also want to gather up some stunning display time for your brand or business. A tweet that includes an interesting or intellectual quotation can be just the beginning to hundreds of shares in the form of a retweet. Especially when attending an event or tweeting to promote a session your company is holding, quoting the speaker is a wonderful idea. Not only are you actively catching the information that the person of interest has to say, but you are keeping your followers updated on what they’re missing.

3. Stay Mindful of Your Numbers

There is no set number when it comes to just how many times you should tweet during a live-tweeting session, but there certainly is a fine line that you walk between being insightful and being annoying. By using your hashtag, your followers should know automatically that you will be focusing on one topic for at least the next half hour or so. This signal should take care of those who would “complain” about the overly exaggerated Twitter action. Although, just because an event is unraveling, it doesn’t mean that you don’t need to watch exactly how much is useful when it comes to spreading information. If a speaker is just chatting with the crowd, or if there is a commercial break on your television show, you can take a break too! The good old “quality versus quantity” rule comes in handy from time to time.

With these tips and of course the occasional Twitpic, your live-tweeting will be improved and ready to go!


What other tips do you keep in mind when starting up a live-tweet session?