What Is Facebook Worth To You?

By Ben Lieblich Facebook now belongs to all of us. Literally.

The company plans to raise $5 billion or more in an IPO scheduled for the spring. If all goes according to plan, anybody with a few dollars can buy shares and own a piece of the firm.

There is something heartwarming about the notion of “going public.” It means most of the details of Facebook’s business operations will become available to its users. For example, we now know that 2.7 billion likes and comments are recorded each day. And we know that Mark Zuckerberg’s salary is $500,000 per year.

The focus will soon shift to company valuation. Depending on certain details, the stock will likely be valued at $100 billion in total, including both the new shares and the old ones that won’t hit the market in the IPO.

How much is Facebook really worth? Facebook is a virtual space in which the whole world can congregate, either in small groups or all as one. It’s a place to visit with your friends, meet new ones, play games, find inspiration, share music, share stories, buy a pair of jeans, or foment revolution. And we all own it. In a sense, the company is beyond valuation.

What is Facebook’s true value to you? What price tag would you put on it?