Why Political Social Advertising Will Rule

Do you love getting tons of direct mail from local political candidates every year? I don't. In this week's Watch Me Wednesday video, I discuss the potential role of social media advertising in politics and local campaign possibilities. The upcoming elections present a fantastic opportunity for politicians to begin using social ads well - and spend campaign dollars way more efficiently than direct mail. For example, a Democrat in New York State who's a passionate advocate for marriage equality can use Facebook ads to target residents of her town who list GLBT-related keywords in their profiles. Or use Twitter ads to target New Yorkers who are tweeting the words "marriage equality".

Platforms such as Facebook and Twitter allow politicians, particularly local representatives, to target constituents based on their likes and what they're talking about in the social sphere. Such specified targeting is not only cost-effective, but promotes real engagement rather than a one-sided conversation.

Would you prefer to be targeted online rather than through traditional outlets, such as direct mail? What online political campaigns have you found particularly compelling? Let me know your thoughts in the comments section!

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