5 Reasons to Be a Buzz Builder

Interested in working with Likeable this summer as an intern? Become a Buzz Builder! This week in Watch Me Wednesday, we interview 5 Buzz Builders to learn more about their experiences at Likeable.

Buzz Builders execute the vision set by their respective departments. They work in teams and have core focuses including content creation, social advertising, and community management. Our Buzz Builders are recruited from the top schools in the New York and Boston areas including New York University, Yale, Columbia, Harvard, Boston University, Cornell, and more. The opportunity is also available to recent graduates.

There are many positions open, including in accounts, the executive office, and business development.

For more information, check out a blog post about Buzz Building opportunities.

If you'd like to apply, email Brian at brian@likeable.com (NYC) or Andi at andi@likeable.com (Boston).