5 Simple Ways to Get The Most Out of Your Existing Social Networks

By Alexandra Spignesi As a social media lover and enthusiast I can admit that little feels as good as receiving that super selective and coveted invite from a new social media site that has the entire internet abuzz.

But once we gain access what becomes of all of our other social media sites? On the horizon of a new  launch our other sites that were one day shiny and new seem a bit dull in comparison. Well, here are five simple ways to keep your ‘old faithfuls’ feeling fresh, and it may remind you why you fell in love with them in the first place.

1. Facebook Ah, my first love. Facebook does an excellent job of staying one step ahead of its competitors. The masterminds at Facebook have a way of rolling out features that you don’t even know you need before you need them. Timeline is no different. If you haven’t switched to timeline yet, I challenge you to do so (Facebook will force you to soon anyway). Have some fun with it, add lifetime events and achievements. Play "This Date in History" by pinning one of your events to the top of your timeline and give visitors to your profile a trip down memory lane. Add pictures and videos to go along with each event. Before you know it your profile will take on a whole new life.

2. Twitter So you tweet every day, maybe you RT some interesting articles too, but do you take advantage of the twitterverse beyond your feed? There are entire communities dedicated to any given number of interests. Find a tweet chat on any given topic and become an active participant. You will not only gain followers but engage in a conversation about something you love - and I assure you, there’s something for everyone.


3. Pinterest If anyone could take a moment from pinning they’ll tell you that Pinterest is the greatest, most amazing, new social networking site to come around. While it may seem like it, Pinterest’s only use isn’t to leave you dry eyed and endlessly scrolling recipes and DIY crafts. You too can create content. Pin directly from your blog posts to pretty much effortlessly gain traffic to your blog. Choose a video, or a photo associated with a post, categorize, pin it, and watch your blog get more hits. Another perk of using Pinterest to promote your blog is the ability to hit your target demographic through categorizing, and describing your pin using key search words.


4. Foursquare You walk in the door to a restaurant, bar, theater, game, or any variety of locations, check in, see who you’re beating on the leaderboard and then put your phone back in your pocket. Did you miss that tip a patron left a couple months ago warning you that the service was slow? Or that the best seat in the house is 5 rows down and 3 seats in? Foursquare tips can be incredibly helpful and shouldn’t be overlooked. Get the most out of your experience by taking a few seconds to see what your Foursquare friends have to say. You may avoid disappointment or be turned on to something you otherwise wouldn’t have known!


5. Instagram While Instagram may still reside in my iPhone’s “Photography” folder the app quickly became one of my favorite social networks. At first I was disappointed by the fact that aside from linking to my Facebook, Twitter, and Tumblr, there wasn’t much I could do with it beyond my iPhone. Recently, with the help of Statigram, I discovered I could pin content from Instagram straight to my Pinterest. This new outlet allowed me to easily add my own customized content to my pinboards and maybe gain some new Instagram followers at the same time.


So my fellow social media enthusiasts I challenge you to think outside the box with your favorite social media sites. What are some other ways you can get the most out of your existing social networks? Share your thoughts in the comments!