Customer Service: How You’re Doing It Wrong

By Dhara Naik I recently moved and have had difficulty getting cable service with a prominent TV provider. Due to this unlikeable experience, I’ve been without service for 4 weeks and I’ve paid several fees.  It was not until I reached out to this company on Twitter that my experience was turned around.  This situation has led me to think of different ways businesses can continually work to improve their social media customer service process.  These three steps are so simple but essential to making sure you’re providing your customers with impeccable service.

Use the same communication channel

Chances are, by the time a frustrated customer comes to talk to you via Twitter or Facebook, they’ve already tried calling your customer service line for some help. In these cases, it’s never a good idea to simply send out a tweet asking customers to call your service department and expect the problem to be solved. I know I like using Facebook and Twitter when I’m absolutely frustrated with the person on the other end of the phone. With this particular TV provider, I wasn’t happy when their first direct message told me to call their service line. When I refused to do so, they finally tried to solve the problem via Twitter and email. If a customer comes to you via Facebook, try to solve the problem through Facebook, whether it’s the wall or personal messages. A customer should never have to go from phone to Twitter to email and back to phone to get an answer. Keep it consistent!

Be quick

One of the most frustrating things besides not being able to get help, is not getting it quickly enough.  Most people don’t like listening to elevator music for 45 minutes, and in the same regards, customers don’t like unanswered posts or tweets. When I send out a tweet, I expect that I’ll at least get some sort of a response within a few hours. Just because someone’s ear is not glued to their phone, doesn’t mean they’re not impatiently waiting for your DM to fix the problem. Social media is a powerful tool to build a long and meaningful relationship with your customers. It’s important to leverage this medium as a way to make sure all of your customers are saying amazing things about you.  Acknowledge your fans quickly to show them you’re finding a solution!

Be likeable

Perhaps the worst part of my ordeal with this TV company is that I’ve dealt with numerous rude people. I was shocked that my rep was mocking another customer with a colleague before she realized I wasn’t on hold and I could hear everything. However, when I reached out via Twitter, the DMs I received were very personable and actually made me feel much calmer. I felt a human voice behind the tweets and I knew someone actually cared about my problem. When the customer representative finally contacted me, despite not solving the issue, the representative was incredibly likeable. Sometimes you may not be able to fix a customer issue right away, but by being likeable and personable, your customers will appreciate your gestures so much more. When possible, try to go the extra mile and surprise and delight your customer. Be human, be personable, and authentic because that’s what will keep your customers around!

What are some other likeable social media customer service tips?