Five Top-Notch Timelines

By Allie Herzog Unless you live under a social media rock, you’ve heard the news that brands can now take advantage of timelines. This means creative cover photos, milestones throughout your brand's history and the ability to further customize your content by pinning and highlighting posts – among other things!  For a complete rundown on all the latest Facebook changes, check out Cara’s blog post here.  There are several brands that have come out of the gate with awesome timelines and while this is only the beginning of the innovative uses to come, check out these 5 timelines that are totally rockin'!

1) CoverGirl – CoverGirl’s timeline is simple, clean and 100% in line with their brand voice and image.  The use of smiling faces rather than products or words in their cover photo gives the page a fresh look. I also love their clean and uniform tab icons.

2) The New York Times – The New York Times is taking advantage of the milestones and highlights features. They are truly telling a story with their timeline.  The New York Times traces their history all the way back to 1851, where they even included an original copy of the first published edition.  This is pretty much the coolest thing ever to us journalism geeks!

3) Modern Family – Full disclosure that I LOVE this show, but their timeline is definitely a great example of how a TV show (or movie) can use timeline to showcase their characters and tell their story.  They have a great cover photo and a hilarious About section (this is Phil Dunphy yo...). They also make great use of the highlights feature to weave their characters into real life events.

4) The Company Store – Is it just me or do you just want to crawl into your bed and spend all day in your velour bathrobe and fluffy slippers when you look at this page?  This timeline has a comfy and clean look with great tab icons.  (disclosure – The Company Store is a Likeable client)

5) Tiffany & Co. – Tiffany’s has managed to bring the legendary style and recognition of their little blue box to their timeline.  They’ve also done a great job of telling their story with milestones and highlights. Tiffany's has also pinned a post to let fans know about their 175 years of style!

What’s the best timeline you’ve seen? Share your early timeline favorites with us in the comments below! Download our free webinar recording How Brands Can Leverage Facebook’s Timeline and All of Facebook’s Newest Changes.