How Brand Timelines Piece Together The Social Media Puzzle

By Christine Varriale  

If there is one social network that gets everything right, it's Facebook. At yesterday's Facebook's Marketing Conference (fMC), Facebook executives and social media professionals reiterated how important the story of a brand is to the success of its timeline. Human engagement on Facebook was brought to the forefront with the introduction of timelines for brands. Facebook is great at adopting aspects of other social networks and piecing them together to form the most comprehensive, engaging online presence for brands.


Facebook integrated "pinning" into timeline.  A post that you pin will be kept at the top of a timeline for up to seven days. Facebook followed the Pinterest trend closely. The ability for brands to “pin posts” will allow page administrators to prioritize content. For example, if a brand is running a promotion or specific contest, the pinned post will remain at the top, which will let fans engage for seven consecutive days.

Rich Media

Facebook is not scared of Google+, but they are smart enough to know they must adapt to the changing world of social media. Timeline for brands elevates engagement and focuses on rich, colorful photos.  Many brands, like Old Spice, are using photos to tell their story.

Old Spice

Brands should feature important milestones from their history. Showing milestones is a way for brands to share their stories and have fans share theirs as well.

Reach Generator

Facebook announced, "Reach Generator," a new advertising feature. The idea behind "Reach Generator" is to put a brand's sponsored post in the newsfeed. These new Facebooks ads are estimated to reach 75-85% of a brand's fan base, compared to the historical rate of 16%. Similar to Twitter, promoted trending topics have been hugely successful for brands.

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