Who Are The Most Likeable People On The Planet?

  We are on a mission to find the most likeable people in the world, and we want you to help us out! This year at the second annual Likeable U—which will be held in New York City on May 15—we will be honoring the most likeable people in 17 categories for the Likeable Awards 2012 (see list below).

Who are your favorite likeable people online? We want you to nominate those people who listen, respond, engage, and are generally likeable! Check out the complete selection of likeable categories, and begin nominating today. Ready, set, go!

Most Likeable Categories:

Chief Executive Officer Chief Marketing Officer Entrepreneur Photographer Journalist Food blogger Mom blogger Video blogger Author Doctor Marketing Thought Leader Professor/Teacher Lawyer Student Fashion designer Chef Politician


Who is your favorite influencer? Cast your vote now!