Foodie Faves: The Five Most Likeable Food Bloggers

By Carrie Tylawsky No matter what your current cooking skill level is - barely able to boil an egg, or whipping up ten-course meals, everyone loves a food blog. Whether you're looking for basics of baking or going for a Julia Child style feast, these five blogs will help you get there. Not only that, but each blog has something unique that makes it independently likeable, and therefore (in my book!), they get my nominations for the LikeableU Award "Most Likeable Food Blogger"!

1. @mollyorganette: In a delightful mix of pantry and personal, Molly Wizenberg’s blog “Organette” is a glimpse into the life of Ph.D student turned blogger turned author turned restaurant owner turned (soon to be!) mother.  Why is she so likeable? Taking a turn from the typical bloggers, Molly doesn’t do any product reviews on her blog – it’s 100% purely what she’s discovered and wants to share with readers.

2. @cupcakeblog: Talk about creative  - these girls can make anything out of batter and frosting – literally. From the sweet (cupcakes shaped like roses and daisies) to the quirky (cupcakes shaped like bagels with lox), there is never a dull post on this blog. Why are they so likeable? They clearly take every single challenge head on, evidenced by the hundreds of designs that I can’t personally can't fathom making but am in awe at their ability!

3. @rasamalaysia: There are few things that I can really impress guests with when it comes to my cooking skills. Yes, I make a mean snickerdoodle cookie, but that’s probably the easiest recipe in the world. However, if I’m really looking to impress, I pull out RasaMalaysia and have a feast with her Sesame Noodles and Chinese Chicken Salad.  Why is she so likeable? Her authenticity is true to the core - she truly knows the cultures and cuisine that she writes about.

4. @tastespotting: If you’re a visual person, this is the place for you. Think Pinterest exclusively for food, with high definition photos that make your mouth water before you’ve even scrolled down. Why so likeable? If you’re looking for inspiration, after five minutes on this site you will have a laundry list of meals to try and no shortage of creative ideas no matter the occasion!

5. @skinnytaste: Nothing feels better than drooling over recipes that you can actually make and feel guilt-free over! Skinny Taste takes those recipes that you indulge in (baked potato soup anyone?) and spins them into a low calorie, healthier version that is still easy to make at home. Why so likeable? I love the POV of this blog – it’s straight, to the point, and there’s never a question in my mind what the main objective is: make food taste great and still be good for you.

Anyone you would add to the list? Share your thoughts in the comments below!