Fuel Engagement With LinkedIn's Latest Tool

By Tim Bosch  Like Facebook & Twitter, LinkedIn understands the power of sharing content in order to build an engaged community. If you have interesting news or content, sharing it with everyone who's following you is the typical approach in social media. However, what if you have very exciting news that is only relevant to 1/4th of your audience? LinkedIn has the answer…

LinkedIn’s Targeted Updates

LinkedIn is rolling out an exciting new message targeting feature, Targeted Updates, which allows you to send tailor made messages to a targeted segment of your followers. This is brilliant because people tend not to engage with content that is clearly not meant for them.

How Does It Work?

LinkedIn Targeted Updates give marketers the ability to segment followers based on:

  • Industrys
  • Job function
  • Company size
  • Geography
  • Including/excluding company employees

Here’s a short video of how the new feature works:

Companies can now send more messages without the risk of annoying their followers with content overload. It's important to note that while targeted updates will only be displayed in the streams of your targeted followers, everything you publish will still be visible on your company page. Luckily, like most social media channels, the feed is where the bulk of engagement and reach transpire.

What This Means For Your Page

Targeted messaging can deliver a much deeper connection with your audience. For example, if IBM wanted to build a better relationship with electrical engineers, they could post an update about a relevant innovation in a technical language that was obviously intended for an electrical engineer.

Leveraging this new targeting feature in your LinkedIn marketing strategy can improve your current LinkedIn engagement numbers. However, to achieve success you will need to test, experiment, analyze and repeat (many times).

What do you think about LinkedIn’s newest features? Leave your thoughts in the comments!