Hey @Pinterest, Turn Up the Music!

By Christine Varriale  

I love Pinterest. It is one of the fastest-growing websites in the history of the Internet, and I visit it every day. But there's one thing leaving an empty hole in my heart. Where's the music at, Pinterest? Why would a website built on the idea of sharing media and content not have a place for music? Here are a few ways I think Pinterest could break into the musicsphere.

Separate the Film, Music & Books Category

Not all music buffs are film critics. Not all bookworms are music lovers. Why are these three interests simply lumped together as one category? They are three completely separate topics that users are passionate about. Let the categories be free, and let music prosper!


YouTube Integration

Pinning videos is an easy way to share and display what music you currently love. Videos are pinned permanently to your board, so the sharing life lasts longer than Spotify's Facebook feed. Tag your videos with the artist's name, so it can easily be found via search.

Music Blogs are Everywhere!

Pinterest is a huge traffic driver for blogs. Create an exclusive board for your blog posts. Check out the Likeable Daily board for inspiration. Take advantage of this traffic from Pinterest to promote your blog posts.

Promote Your Band

SXSW 2012Austin360 had a powerful board for SXSW this past year to promote bands playing in the festival. With Pinterest's easy sharing function, it is a great way to get the word out for the various artists. Users shared their favorite artists, linking back to Austin360's site. With all of the SXSW buzz, the promotion work on Pinterest was done for them!

For a musically-inclined brand on Pinterest, check out Sony Music.


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