Pin and Prosper: Analyzing #Pinterest Success

By Katie Kearsey Pinterest is officially the number three social network in the U.S., and an ever increasing number brands are either getting started with or are fine tuning their strategies and campaigns.  A crucial aspect of any typical social media campaign is the analysis, and a Pinterest campaign is no different.  To meet these needs, a handful of free reporting tools have started to emerge.  Here's a list of the top three tools and a brief overview of what they each have to offer.

PinPuff. PinPuff calculates your influence on Pinterest and provides you with your reach, activity and virality scores.  It also offers a detailed breakdown of how each of your top 20 boards are doing.  PinPuff calculates the value of your pins and referral traffic in three ways: Pin Worth (Ecom), Pin Worth (Gen), and cost per click.  Pin Worth (Ecom) is the worth for a pin with a landing page that a user can make a purchase on, such as an Etsy store.  Pin Worth (Gen) refers to the worth of a pin with a landing page that is a non-sales page, such as a website that contains pictures or quotes from your favorite TV and movie characters.  The cost per click refers to the measure of each traffic referral or outward click on your pin, or the maximum value.

PinReach.  PinReach, formerly known as PinClout, provides you with not only an overall influence score, but also easy-to-read charts and tables that display your most popular pins and boards.  At a glance, you can learn about your activity, including how many pins you've pinned and re-pinned, how many pins you've liked or commented on, how many people you’re following vs. how many are following you (and which ones are the most influential), how many boards you’ve created, and how many community boards you contribute to.  You can also learn about the Pinterest community in general, gleaning insight from the users with the highest reach and the pins and members who are currently trending.

Pinerly.  Pinerly enables you to view how effective your pins are in terms of clicks, re-pins, likes and reach.  For each pin you pin using this website, you’re creating a campaign that can be broken down and analyzed in line with these four metrics.  This tool is particularly useful to determine the number of times people are actually clicking through to your link, a function which most other Pinterest analytics services do not yet offer.  Pinerly also suggests pins to re-pin and users to follow based on your boards and interests.  While this tool is still in beta testing and requires you to request an invite, the team is planning to expand its services to include even more drilled down analytics, and also the ability to schedule your pins in advance, which will make it much easier for brands to pin at times when their followers are most active.

Referral Traffic Tools.  In addition to these three great tools, don't forget to take advantage of your old analytics tools stand-bys, Google Analytics and Facebook Insights.  Both of these tools enable you to track the number of referrals you’re getting from your pins to see just how effective your Pinterest content strategy is.

Pinterest analytics tools are relatively new to the scene, and are undergoing major improvements as we speak.  What other metrics, functions and measurement options do you look forward to seeing in these tools in the future?

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