Power to the Pinners

by Dhara Naik 

As Pinterest has grown in popularity over the last few months, I’ve thought about the network’s ability to influence purchasing behavior. Women account for 85% of all consumer purchases  and make up the majority of Pinterest users in the United States. Here are three things that will ensure the social network is a catalyst in driving purchase considerations for women across the country.

 Provide Value

Women like to share ideas and seek opinions before making a purchase decision. Pinterest simplifies the decision making process by providing inspiration about everything from wedding colors to the latest Spring trends. If you take a look at the popular brands on Pinterest, each board typically has a theme intended to provide some type of inspiration or tip. Take Whole Foods for instance, with over 25,000 followers, the "Food Tips and Tricks" board was specifically designed to share easy methods of cooking or serving a dish. Now as a person who likes to make quick and easy meals, this board gives me different ideas and allows me to buy different tools that I may have never thought of.

With wedding season in full swing, Nordstorm provides ideas for wedding gowns, bridesmaids dresses and matching accessories, all of which are in-season for 2012. Pinterest has become a popular tool for wedding planning, and what better way to leverage the purchasing power of women than to share wardrobe ideas for a dream wedding.

If your brand is on Pinterest, take a look at your boards and see what type of value they provide to your female audience.

Add Items to the Gifts Menu

Pinterest has an accessible gifts drop down menu on their homepage. Within each price range, there are tons of items and anything that has a price listed in the description of a pin is added to the gift menu. Because women spend so much time on Pinterest, take advantage of the gifts menu and add prices to your most popular or best selling items so they are easy to see.

What’s great about the gift menu is consumers can easily see how many repins and comments a particular product has. These instant reviews make it easier to buy a gift or just make a purchase in general.

With Mother’s Day and Graduation season coming up soon, the gift ideas are sure to drive not only traffic, but sales to your website from Pinterest.

Optimize with Keywords

Most Pinterest users are creating boards based on their interests and hobbies, but many users create boards to help with a project or upcoming event (i.e. – weddings) and search for things to pin to their boards. In essence, users are creating reference boards they can keep in one place. To make the most out of the search field on Pinterest, it’s important to optimize the descriptions for each of your pins. When users search for a specific item like bridesmaids dresses or pink shoes, your pins will be front and center. So think like your customer and create rich keyword descriptions to make sure your brand is prominent.

 What are some other ways you’re leveraging Pinterest to influence purchasing decisions? 

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