Likeable Runway: Social Savvy Fashion Designers

By Lauren Sleeper I'll admit it, I have a shopping problem.  I like to think of it more as a healthy support of our economy, though.  The consummate consumer that I am, I pay close attention to my favorite brands and designers on social.  As an important element of the upcoming Likeable U conference, we are asking our clients, followers, and fellow social media enthusiasts to nominate those who have who have leveraged social media to demonstrate charisma, responsiveness, transparency and authenticity in each of the respective categories.  The fabulous brands below represent who I would easily crown the 'Most Likeable Fashion Designer' in our upcoming Likeable Awards.


DKNY: Aliza Licht, SVP of Global Communications at Donna Karan, recently "came out" as DKNY PR Girl (aka @dkny).  Not only does she do an amazing job of giving an insider's look into the brand and her job. she also is incrediby engaged with her followers.  Almost all tweets go answered, and she allows her followers to have a relationship with both her and Donna Karan as a whole.  The voice and persona she has developed on twitter  and tumblr is truly authentic, and she extends that authenticity to the brand as well.


Ann Taylor: A long-time social media darling, Ann Taylor continues to impress on all the social networks they are active on.  On Facebook, they have run fan only specials (I previously wrote about their Black Friday Facebook fan only promotion), seamlessly integrate their product into their content for easy discovery and shopping, and offer regular giveaways for seasonal products that also serves to generate buzz.  In addition, they have launched a lifestyle fashion blog, a Style Builder app that allows users the ability to design and share their unique looks, and a 'Social Circle' facebook app that fans can join to give feedback on the brand (products and marketing), interact with other fans, and get access to exclusive specials.


 Kate Spade: I am a clear example of how Kate Spade's online sample sales work; I am a proud owner of two new bags after seeing their posts in my newsfeed.  Not only do they share these limited time sales on Facebook, they have taken advantage of the new Facebook offers feature and also developed a custom app that allows fans to read and leave reviews on products.  The Behind the Curtain Blog, however, is the most outstanding social effort that they have put forward recently.  The content is truly a behind-the-scenes look into the brand, their products and their people.  The blog is very visual, allows them to easily cross promote the content onto Facebook (which is continuing to favor the visual) while linking  back and creating two-fold engagement.  In addition, they have created an equally visual tumblr blog,  an engaging Pinterest brand page, and an active YouTube Channel which shares 'Bhind the Curtain' videos and promotional content.


 Tory Burch: The Tory Burch brand is gorgeous on social.   Their products are portrayed beautifully through the amazing images they create and then cross-promote across networks (Instagram, Facebook, TumblrPinterest, and YouTube).  What stands out the most with this brand is that the lifestyle they are personifying on their social channels goes so much more beyond the products, making them that much more interesting to follow.  They also share private sales with their followers and have an f-commerce app that allows you to shop right from Facebook -- what more could a girl ask for?


 Lilly Pulitzer: One of the most iconic elements of the Lilly Pulitzer brand is their colorful prints.  They have taken that part of their brand and incorporated it heavily into their social content, images and promotions -- which I think tells a great brand story.   For example, a facebook contest was held to roll-out state prints, custom images are created for holidays/events/promotions featuring iterations of their patterns, and they have shared  cover photos with sorority prints that could be downloaded when timeline was launched.  Their Pinteret brand page is one of my favorites; not only are the products featured creatively, they also portray the Lilly lifestyle, beyond just the brand. The robust, aptly titled Colorful Blog is truly a lifestyle blog, modeled after the brand's core values.  It's fun to read, and features their partners, customers, how-to visuals to create your own Lilly look plus much more.


Who do you think the most Likeable fashion designers are?  Share with us in the comments, and be sure to cast your vote for the brand in the Likeable Awards!