Using Social Media To Be A “Likeable” Lawyer

By Cara Friedman  You’re probably thinking… Did I read that right? Why is the word “likeable” and “lawyer” in the same sentence?! Being a law student in the world of social media, I want to clear up the misconception about lawyers once and for all – lawyers can be very likeable! Believe it or not, there are a number of lawyers successfully using social media in a way that is driving real results. Here are some tips to make you a more likeable lawyer.

Share Your Knowledge- Knowledge is power and sharing this useful information with others makes you a trusted resource.

Focus On Your Specialty- Focus on your expertise and become the go-to person in that vertical.

Blog- Short form content through Facebook and Twitter can be valuable, but creating a successful blog on a niche topic can give you and your practice additional exposure the field.

Social Referrals- There are a number of ways to connect with your clients and if they are happy they will recommend you to others in the social space.

Be Human- Lawyers have a bad reputation in terms of trustworthiness and transparency. Use social media as a way to challenge this stereotype and connect with clients, prospects, and followers.

After taking these tips and applying them to your practice, you may have a shot to win the Likeable Award for “Most Likeable Lawyer.” Voting ends on April 24th so get your votes in now! Here are some of the lawyers who have been nominated:

Who do you think the most likeable lawyers are?  Share with us in the comments, and be sure to cast your vote for them in the Likeable Awards!