Beyond Poking: Romance in Social Media

By Marissa Breton The phrase “building relationships” is thrown around a lot in social media, and for a good reason. Each fan or follower is a relationship that needs attention. Building these relationships on social media can mirror a different kind of relationship, the romantic kind. The challenges are often similar, and can be fixed the same way.

If you mess something up, apologize. 

You get busted texting someone else. You forgot about the brunch date with their mother. You got a little heated and said something you didn’t mean. What do you do? If you lie, blame  someone else, or pretend it never happened, you can permanently damage any trust you’ve built. Transparency is crucial both online and in person… because you WILL get busted. Apologize, and then fix it. Both steps are important to fixing the relationship.

Don’t ignore them, ever.

What would happen if your partner was upset with you, and you simply shut off your cell phone? Not only would you end up with 15 voicemails, you may very well end up with an even angrier person fuming at your doorstep. You could ignore a fan online, or even worse, delete them… but this could end with a “United Breaks Guitars” incident. Plus, it’s just plain horrible customer service.

Keep it interesting

Who hasn’t experienced that 6 month bump in the road? You’ve been dating for a while, and it’s starting to get…boring. You know all their jokes. You’ve heard it all, and you’re thinking about moving on. Fans feel the same way. If they see the same sales pitch, the same generic content, and the same automated responses, they will move on.

Looking good is important too.

Never underestimate the value of appearance. Sure, it’s not everything, but if you (or your page) don’t look good, many people will just walk right by. Put some effort into your appearance as well as your content, and you’ll have fans fawning all over your page.

 Can you think of any other similarities? What sort of challenges have you faced in dealing with these issues? Shout out in the comments below!