Pinstagram May Be The Next Instagram! Or Pinterest.

By Tracy Spetka Instagram is known as much for its photo sharing capabilities as for its fun-to-use photo-modifying filters. But how do we access these photos, share them with friends, and talk about them? Pinterest is also visually based, relying on boards to cluster images into categories. Where these concepts collide is Pinstagram. Pinstagram allows you to view your photo stream in a Pinterest-esque layout. You can also pin photos to your Pinterest boards, and search for more photos with this site.

Despite Pinstagram’s initial beginnings when founders Pek Pongpaet and Brandon Leonardo jokingly tossed around the idea of the merger, the site is actually attracting many users, begging the question: what can we learn from it?

The Value of Engaging Photos: Pinstagram uses images that viewers actually want to see and can relate to. As on Instagram, photos of people, places, and objects become more even more engaging when filters make the ordinary of our morning commutes, desk jobs, or family gatherings seem like visual fodder for a high-end magazine. The most visually exciting photos will generate the greatest engagement.

The Importance of Staying Social: Pinstagram maintains the basics, using the Like and Comment features that are a core tool for generating social growth. Where these buttons exist, users are inspired to provide feedback and to express their emotional responses to the imagery.

The Utility of Design: Pinstagram is easy to use. Its design is simple and accessible. The familiarity of the design comes from your experience using Pinterest and that’s ok! It’s easy to be excited about earth-shattering cutting-edge design concepts, but sometimes familiarity allows a more effective user experience.

Two of the fastest-growing social media products in the world have come together letting us share photos, manage them, and interact with them in a meaningful and seamless way. And the result, Pinstagram, is like two pins in a pod, two boards of a feather.

What do you think of this combination? Are there any other social network fusions you’d like to see? Share your thoughts in the comments! Dowload our free EBook: Pinterest For Brands here.