Spicing up your Social Content

By Ike Brooker You have a twitter handle, a Facbeook page, 5 Pinterest boards, and tips on Foursquare. Now what do you do with them? You need some thing to put up there, something to say, some kind of content. Everyone has a warehouse of fun cat pictures, ironic gifs animations, and vacation pictures on their computers, but hold on, don't start uploading all that great stuff yet. You need content that speaks for your brand and helps ignite people to begin talking about your brand. The best way to do this is to create content that others can share that represents your brand. Here are a few ways to do that.

Make it Different- The "matching luggage" approach (where everything must look the same) isn't always the best approach. You want brand DNA infused with the culture of what is being shared on the social channels you want to engage with. In this same vein, who really wants to see a TV ad put on Facebook? You should deliver content to your audience that they can't get other places, and content that encourages conversation.

Play to the Network's Strengths- Sharing images on Twitter isn't he best way to engage the users on that channel, and no one wants to read a 3000 word essay on Facebook. Use the network to deliver the kind of content users go to it for.

Make it Adventurous- There are only so many "tag a photo" contests on Pinterest that can run at one time. Differentiate your contest in some way, let you sense of adventure inspire the audience's creativity.

Make it Fun- When creating content for your social channels ask yourself if it's fun and if you would do it yourself. It's always important to consider the fun factor, it helps build engagement with your content..

and finally,

Make it Simple- A low barrier of entry into participating with your content encourages people to share your content.