Stonyfield Farm: Sending you on a Social Scavenger Hunt!

By: Gabriella Piazza We all like to think we know exactly what we’re eating.  The truth is, we have no idea.  (Chickens do NOT have nuggets people!)  Stonyfield Farm would like to change that.

Say hello to Stonyfield’s  “Know Your Food” Campaign.    Stonyfield, the world’s leading organic yogurt maker, has launched the #GreatFoodFind! This virtual launch reached over 10,000 participants in as little as 3 days.  What exactly is the #GreatFoodFind, you ask?  Well if you’re starving for information, keep reading.

This fun and exciting online scavenger hunt takes participants on a journey to find organic and natural foods around the web, with multiple opportunities to win prizes and get to know more about their food as they go.   The grand prize is a $15,000 kitchen remodeling.  (Sign Me Up!)   I spoke with Lindsay Hardie, brand manager for the campaign, about what sparked the idea for the online scavenger hunt. “We started out on this campaign to encourage consumers to think about the food choices that they were making.  We really wanted to provide information to our consumers in an educational way that was really fun and engaging” said Lindsay.

I couldn’t agree more. The #GreatFoodFind’s social media campaign kicked off with an impressive 50% new user conversion in just 48 hours from launch.  I asked Lindsay whether or not she thought social was going to have this big of an effect on the campaign. “We like to have as many personalized conversations with our consumers as possible, and social media works extremely well" Lindsay responded.  Despite the amazing grand prize that Stonyfield Farm is giving away, Lindsay was happy to report that they are pleasantly surprised with the response on the content alone.  “People are really excited about what they are learning and we are more than happy to be teaching them” said Lindsay.

The #GreatFoodFind is just the start to the year long “Know Your Food” campaign.  This campaign FINALLY helps people figure out where their dinner actually came from – how it was made, grown, and prepared.  Bye Bye, "Mystery Meat!"

Make sure you head to Stonyfield's Facebook Page to get all of the up to date information on the campaign and scavenger hunt!

What do you think is another great way to inform your consumers on your products and brand? Share your thoughts in the comments!