The Avengers and Social Media

By Christine Varriale The Avengers is the hottest movie right now, breaking domestic opening weekend records. The Avengers themselves are amazing super heroes trying to save the Earth from whatever perils come their way. These guys really need to get on social media to help their cause. Here’s how they can do it.

YouTube: The Hulk

When you think of The Hulk, you think of YouTube right? It’s filled with a lot of angry people making silly comments on videos. Chill out guys. You’re nice people when you leave the internet (or stop being a green giant of rage). The Hulk would love YouTube and help feed the need for venting.

AIM : Captain America

He’s a little behind the time, because he was frozen for so many years. Captain America is AIM. He’s still got that young spirit in an old body. Plus, he’s super American. His away messages would dazzle you with all of his exciting adventures.

Iron ManTwitter: Iron Man

There’s no one quite like Tony Stark. He is a star above the rest. He always knows what is happening before anyone else just like Twitter. He’s also one to voice his opinion over and over again, with little regard to what others think.

LinkedIn: Black Widow

Black Widow is connected. She knows everyone and helped wrangle in all of the members of The Avengers with Nick Fury. This makes her quite a bit like LinkedIn. I can see her headline now: “Spy, kind of. Avenger, definitely.”

Google+: Hawkeye

Do you always forget about Hawkeye? I kind of do. Hawkeye belongs on Google+. His content and spirit are great, but people always forget him on the backburner.

MySpace: Thor

Sure Thor has an infinite amount of power, but what would his Klout score be? Thor is a little out of the loop and otherworldly. He’s old school, and he would probably join MySpace. No matter what we say about MySpace, it’s still around. It’s immortal just like our hammer-wielding hero, Thor.

Nick FuryFacebook: Nick Fury

Nick Fury is the leader of them all, but he’s not always the most truthful guy. He likes to keep everyone’s information around and sneak into their private lives. It sounds a bit like Facebook, the leader of all the social media platforms.



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