Instagram For Videos The Next Big Thing?

By Dean Opriasa Instagram’s lofty $1billion acquisition by Facebook was a big story. The 3 year- old company with no profits blew up because of the shift in mobile use and the new generation of mobile-first users. Mobile is quickly becoming the next frontier in social.

Instagram surely did not come up with the idea of social photo sharing but what it did do was understand the user experience. Last month, I wrote about how visuals are playing a big role in social. Given how photo sharing has become a mainstay of social and Instagram’s success, it’s only natural that users look for a similar evolution in video sharing.

Could video sharing be the next big thing? It seems natural that the next steps after still photos are videos.

Several apps like SocialCam and Viddy are exploding in popularity as the next "Instagram for video" among consumers for recording and sharing short videos (and big brands are taking notice and signing on). Sierra Mist is using SocialCam to feature recipes that are on their Facebook page. Diane von Furstenberg used Viddy to show behind the scenes during New York Fashion Week.

Some of us are familiar with social video sharing. The apps are simple and can be downloaded to your smartphone, and you can go from recording a video, editing it to give it a certain look and feel, to posting it to your social media feeds instantaneously. It’s no surprise that many of these videos are quickly going viral.

The fastest growing app category on mobile platforms is video and photo. Videos do demand a lot of bandwidth and more of a user's time to capture and watch but with rising mobile use, smartphones building better and better HD cameras, and wireless providers selling more bandwidth, it seems fitting for social video apps to be the next “it” thing.

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