Learning from LEGO: Building Your Social Strategy

By Ricky DeMaio

From your content plan to community management, a social media strategy has many different pieces to it.  My other favorite pastime also has many pieces.  Inspired by LEGO, here are a few fun ways to build your social strategy.

Engagement—LEGO sets are interactive, and your content should be too. When I see a LEGO castle or a pirate ship, I want to play, explore, rearrange, take it apart, and build it again.  LEGOs are not meant to be just looked at and left alone, and neither is your content.  A call to action always generates more stories and greater reach.  Engaging with your fans is important because you’ll learn more about what they want and expect from your brand, you’ll organically increase your reach with more Facebook interactions, and fans will have fun by being part of the conversation with you.

Visual Power—LEGO pieces come in every color imaginable, and LEGO sets are stunning feats of micro-architectural art!   They’re beautifully detailed and exciting to explore.  Your content plan should also be visual.  So far, 2012 has been a great year for visual content: Pinterest became both the fastest growing social network ever and the best traffic driving site ever, while Facebook installed Timeline for all brand pages, bringing visual changes like cover photos and the new wall layout.  Original and fun graphics attract fans and are great examples of easily “shareable” content.

Attention to Detail—If you’re building an intergalactic spaceship or towering skyscraper, one missing piece could be the fatal flaw in your construction.  You need to pay close attention to your fan pages and content plan to avoid mistakes like misplaced @ or # symbols.  Facebook’s transition to Timeline made user comments much less visible—don’t forget to be actively listening to your fans and respond in an appropriate and timely manner.

Creativity—LEGOs foster creativity. Starting with a pile of bricks can lead anywhere and everywhere: a racecar, a UFO, or an excellent content strategy. Thinking outside the box and offering unique content is a great way to make your brand stand out from its competitors.  It gives your fans a reason to keep coming back and to check your page for more fun tidbits that they can’t find anywhere else.

Rebuilding—Don’t panic if you slip up, and your masterpiece falls to the ground.  That pile of shattered bricks can be rebuilt and your submarine or dragon has the potential to be even better.  Think of community management in the same way.  For every interaction with an unhappy fan, you have the chance to rebuild your image in their eyes.  Apologize for mistakes, encourage transparency, and listen to what they’re saying.

In the end, all these pieces click together in place to form, if not a castle with trapdoors and hidden compartments, an equally exciting and interactive content strategy.  Use these tips to build a fan page that your fans will love to play with.

What other social media lessons can you learn from LEGO? Share your thoughts and comments below!

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