Nominations Are Now Open for the 2012 Top 40 Facebook Fan Pages

By Michele Weisman Attention all social media savvy business owners and marketers!  Nominations for the annual 2012 Top 40 Facebook Fan Pages are officially open! Previous winners include Barbie, Vin Diesel, Delta, Zippy's, and Barack Obama. Check out the full list of past winners from 2009, 2010, and 2011.

Pages will be selected based off of their engagement and responsiveness, creativity and design, effective use of Facebook's page features, and fan count. Whether you manage a page for a big brand, small business, celebrity, author, politician, or non-profit, we encourage you to nominate your page today. The criteria for a Top 40 Facebook page will be as follows:

1) Brand Responsiveness: Do your fans have anything to gain from interacting with your page or is it just a wall of advertising for your business? Great Facebook pages encourage their communities to actively participate. Do you use the questions feature, help create a product, or ask for customer feedback? Transparency and interaction build your community. In order to make our Top 40 list, being responsive is a must.

2) Engaging Content: How social is your content? How many people are “Talking About This” on your page? Facebook believes this metric is the most important, but we believe your content must be engaging too. How do you tell your brand's story? With the addition of pinning and starring content on Timeline, Facebook encourages brands to tone down promotional efforts and share great content. Does your page share personal anecdotes, photos, and videos? Do you encourage your fans to participate in the conversation?

3) Creativity: What’s unique and creative about your page? How do you optimize highlighted posts, milestones, or applications? Have you ran amazing Facebook-specific promotions or contests?

4) Overall Design/Graphics: Does your cover photo give a snapshot of your business? How often do you refresh your images, profile pictures, tab icons, or design? Why is it worthwhile for fans to come back to your page? If your Facebook page goes beyond the company logo, we want you to nominate your business!

*Like Count: While we are in no way obsessed with "likes," it would be negligent to say that they don’t matter at all. If your Facebook page has a lot of fans, you probably have engaging content, a unique contest, or an overall likeable product or service! We will take the number of likes into consideration only if it is proportionate to the reach of your business. For example, we will not expect a small, local pizza shop to have anywhere near as many fans as a national brand like Domino's. However, we do expect national chains, franchises, and brand names to have an appropriately large fan base in order to be considered as a Top 40 Facebook page.

**Please note: Personal profiles and groups will not be considered. Only a public profile or “fan page” will be eligible. 

If you think your page or your favorite brand is top notch on Facebook, cast your nomination! We will be announcing the 2012 Top 40 Facebook pages via webinar on Wednesday July 11 at 3:00 pm ET! This webinar is sponsored by Likeable Community College, our social media training program for community managers and social media professionals. We love to showcase brands doing social right and want your brand to make the list next year by training your staff on Likeable's best practices.

*UPDATED:  Was your brand named a Top 40 Page voted by Likeable Media? If so, you can embed this graphic on your Facebook Page. Use this code: <a href="" target="_blank"><img src="" /></a>

Who will you nominate as one of the 2012 Top 40 Facebook Pages?