Three Ways Brands Can Optimize Their Pinterest Presence

By Carrie Tylawsky  Pinterest – it’s the buzz word for everyone looking to develop a social strategy, but it’s still such a new network that it can be hard to find examples of  applicable brand use. The ROI has been clear from the start – drives huge website referral traffic, boosts awareness around a brand, and gives brands the opportunity to share photos and infographics without oversaturating the community. However, even with all of this, it can be daunting to launch onto the new platform and understand how to get that ROI. Here are three quick tips to get the most out of your Pinterest presence!  

Original Pins:

Original pins are where the majority of website referral traffic comes from. If you incorporate the Pin button on your website or pin new photos with your website as the domain of origin, anyone clicking that photo will be sent where you want them to go. This is especially crucial for anyone with an e-commerce platform or call to action on their website to enable real results directly from Pinterest.

Share with your network:

Pinterest is a great platform, but it can be hard to find the fans on Pinterest that you have from Facebook, Twitter, or other social networks. The easiest way to gain a following? Share with people who already love you! When you find something interesting on Pinterset, or pin something original, make sure you check those Twitter and Facebook boxes so that everyone can know that you’re active and then they’ll follow your boards. Word of advice: if you’re pinning more than once a day, only share via Twitter, not Facebook. The Facebook newsfeed can easily get cluttered and a brand that posts too much becomes an annoyance rather than a value.

Category & Description:

This is one of the easiest elements of Pinterest, but one that is often overlooked. On Pinterset, users can view pins either via “Everything”, which pulls in all pins, or they can sort by Category. These categories include Home Décor, Humor , Technology, Travel & Places, etc. (32 altogether). By categorizing your boards, you not only are more easily found within these categories, but you also are competing for attention from a much smaller and more focused group of users. Choose your category with care and make sure you have boards in each for maximum results!

What strategies have you found drive results from your Pinterest community? Share with a comment below!