Use Email Marketing To Boost Your Facebook Fan Base

By Kate van Geldern Too often we operate in the social media silo and forget to integrate with other marketing channels. Your email lists are full of rich customer data, and offer an opportunity to activate some of your biggest brand loyalists that aren't yet engaged Facebook fans. Here are three ways you can use email to grow and engage your fan base on Facebook:

  • Promote your social presence in email campaigns. This seems like a no-brainer, but we mean more than just burying Facebook icons in the email footer. Include links to your Facebook page above-the-fold and promote them with a strong call to action that encourages email readers to like your page or join in the conversation. If a customer is loyal enough to be opening your emails, chances are they'd be happy to engage with you on Facebook.
  • Mine email data to better target Facebook ads. Email data is rich with customer behavior insights about what your customers are clicking on, which subject line copy they're reacting to, and which imagery is converting sales at the highest rates. Mine this data and use your learnings to make informed decisions about which copy and imagery to start testing with Facebook ads.
  • Use email to alert customer base about campaigns, contests and content. Your Facebook page is  likely home to unique campaigns and contests, and full of rich user-generated content. Re-purpose this valuable content and share it with your email lists to extend its shelf-life and entice new fans to click over to the Facebook page.

Do you integrate your email marketing and social media strategies? Share other tips and tricks with us in the comments!