7 Steps To SlideShare Success

By Michele Weisman SlideShare has emerged as the leader in making presentations social. Often described as the “YouTube for slideshows,” SlideShare allows businesses and individuals to upload, store and share presentations as well as documents, PDFs, videos and webinars. Two months ago, LinkedIn acquired Slideshare to help professionals be more effective and productive through the content they create and share. At Likeable we love SlideShare and upload content often. Let's examine how brand marketers can utilize this platform effectively.

1. Tell Your Brand Story: Stories bring your company to life. When you hear the story of how a company was born, you feel an emotional connection with that company. Slideshare allows you to share your stories through visual presentation with customers, prospects, and the world. No matter if your company is new or old, large or small, a national brand or mom and pop store, everyone has a story to tell.

2. Leverage Existing Content: A content strategy is critical to successful marketing. For SlideShare, it's important to create and publish content that is original and engaging. Upload existing presentations, webinars, white papers, and case studies to your SlideShare to make sure your great content doesn't go to waste.

3. Include Strong Calls To Action: Make sure that your presentation includes at least one strong call-to-action. The offer should relate to the topic of the presentation and be hosted on your website. Offers include best practice guides, webinar recordings, white papers, case studies and trends presentations. Presentations on Slideshare receive many views and downloads. Convert viewers into a qualified leads.

4. Don't Forget About Audio or Video: A picture is worth a thousand words, but a video is worth even more. When telling stories online, visuals are a powerful tool. Incorporating audio or video elements in a SlideShare presentation adds value.  Videos should range from 30 seconds to 2 minutes.

5. Utilize Zipcast: Zipcast is a great resource for public and private video conferences. This tool offers SlideShare users a fast and easy way to attend web conferences and presentations directly on the social network. Hold private capability presentations, webinars, and pitches directly on SlideShare.

6. Highlight Your Thought Leaders: Use your SlideShare channel to showcase your company's expertise. Employees have the capabilities of highlighting their writing, presentations and videos. Encourage colleagues to publish their work. Netflix and IBM display their staff's thought leadership directly on their SlideShare channel. From the Assistant to the Chief Executive Officer, every employee should thrive to be an industry thought leader.

7. Cross Promote Your Content Across All Social Networks: Share your SlideShare content on multiple social networks such as Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn. Slideshare features presentations that "trend" on these three social networks. Likeable has an entire Pinterest board dedicated to our presentations on SlideShare. Make your content shareable and accesible.

Check out one of Likeable's most recent SlideShare presentation below.

How can brand marketers utilize SlideShare effectively?