Attention #FashionBrands – The Newest Fashion Social Sites Are Here!

By Gabriella Piazza If you're a fashion brand and you’re not utilizing social media, you need to take a look at yourself in the mirror and ask, “What is wrong with this picture?” As a 22 year old, working professional in New York City, I turn to social media to stay ahead of the trend. These social sites and apps allow me to create a personal fashion show every morning with friends and followers as my audience.  Social start-ups are being developed with the attempt to capture the attention of the self-proclaimed “Fashionista.” Here are some of the newest social sites Fashion brands should consider.

1.) Chicisimo: It’s Spanish for “Super Chic” – need I say more?  This social media site allows fashion bloggers and buyers to post pictures of their latest looks. It also lets users to buy the uploaded looks! Chicisimo’s tag line is, “real fashion on real people.”  The user is a fashion forward person who takes real-time snapshots of what they are wearing. This aspect allows fashion brands to see what your consumers are wearing in real-time.  Chicisimo nailed the two main things at the forefront in consumers’ minds. First, the site contains visually engaging, trendy, hip, and new fashion content. Secondly, it supports the rise of e-commerce sites driven by what users (and their friends) deem trendy, hip, and cool.  I mean let’s be serious – If your friends don’t like it, are you ever going to buy it? As a brand you need to be in that circle of friends.

2.) Fashion.Me: With more than a million users, the fashion social network has arrived in the U.S. Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest focus on EVERY personal aspect that goes on in users lives. created a space where the fashion-obsessed could focus on solely on fashion. No newborn babies, engagements, or the couch your friend just bought; is a place where fashion brands can finally listen in on conversations that matter most to them without having to sift through consumers’ non-fashion thoughts.


Fashionistas everywhere are using social media to hang their wardrobe personalities for the world to see. As a fashion brand, would you want to miss the opportunity to listen, engage, and gain insight into what your potential customers are wearing in real time?


What are your favorite social sites to get the latest and greatest trends in fashion? Tell us in the comments below!