Backplane: The Next Social Network for Brands?

By Kelsey Brooks  Backplane, the highly anticipated celebrity-based social networking platform, launched this weekend with Lady Gaga’s “Little Monsters.” It’s already getting quite the buzz from TechCrunch, The New York Times, and the Huffington Post. But here are our three reasons why Backplane is an exciting new platform, and why you should keep your eye on it.

1. Investors and Talent

26,860,086 is the number of followers Lady Gaga, who holds 20% stake in Backplane, has on Twitter. You can easily guess just how many people will create a Little Monsters account. Other investors include some of technology’s top VCs: V Angel, Google Ventures, Founder’s Fund Angel Investments, Eric Schmidt’s Tomorrow Ventures, Lerer Ventures and Menlo Ventures. Along with some great investors, Backplane also boasts major internal talent. Cofounders Joey Primiani, former Google employee and the creator of Cortex, and Alex Moore, former Director of Operations at Palantir, are two of Silicon Valley’s finest. Backplane also swiped Palantir cofounder Joe Lonsdale and made him Chairman of their Board of Directors.

2. Tapping into Our Celebrity Society is a social media platform for people who are strictly Gaga fans. Wouldn't it be great if there was a platform strictly for other celebrities, pop artists, and even brands? This is the ultimate goal and vision for Backplane by pitting itself as the preferred platform for celebrity networks. That’s a big responsibility! With its awesome photo-sharing capabilities, intermixing the photo-editing abilities of Canvass, the look of Pinterest and Tumblr, and even the integration of Google Calandars, it’s the perfect way to follow and obsess over your favorite celebs.

3. It Picks up Where Ping Left Off

Apparently Lady Gaga and her business manager, Troy Carter, met with Steve Jobs to talk about Ping and Lady Gaga was skeptical of its future success. Ping clearly wasn’t quite the success Apple wanted it to be. Backplane is more social than Spotify and less music-oriented, but it allows niche music sharing (i.e. Lady Gaga's page only has lady gaga music, but people can share her music internally). is the beggining to Backplane and a new social platform that will really reach out to niche martkets.

Where do you think Backplane is going and what would you love to see? Share your thoughts in the comments!