How Small Businesses Can Think Big But Stay Small!

By Megan McMahon Marketing for small businesses is no easy task in the cluttered marketing world that we live in. It can be scary when sales are slow and there are no new customers coming through the door. With so many ways to market, it can be hard for a small business to figure out what will work when it comes to marketing themselves. Thinking too big (i.e. using TV ads or a 30 second spot on the radio during the morning commute) can be detrimental due to high costs. Thinking too small (i.e. Yellow Pages or ValPak mailing) can result in…no results. Social media, when done correctly, can be the perfect happy medium to thinking big, while still staying a small business. So, how is social media a great marketing tool for small biz? Here are three ways to work with things that are small while still thinking big.

Small Budget One of the biggest road blocks for small businesses when it comes to marketing is dollars (or lack thereof). With social media, a small business can have a small budget but still be effective. The perfect place to use a tight budget as a small business would be with Facebook Ads. Putting any amount, whether it's $25, $250, or $2,500 can really go a long way whether it's getting "likes" on a Facebook page or even driving traffic to a website.

Small Target Most small businesses have customers near them. More often than not, these customers might only be from a couple different zip codes. One thing that is hard to grasp for small business owners is that thinking BIG doesn't necessarily mean marketing to a whole state or region. Thinking big should start with thinking small - marketing should only target the people who are most likely to be customers aka people who only live in a few zip codes. Once again, this is where Facebook Ads come into play. Here, any small business can run ads seen by people within the radius of specific zip codes. These are the prospects that small businesses need to market too.

Small Resources How can small businesses run Facebook Ads and find all these potential customers via social media with only a small staff? The answer is that social media takes a little bit of work. But, since social media can be a driving force in gaining customers, it should not be seen as a waste of time. There are resources out there to help small businesses with social media too! An hour or two of dedication a day to running Facebook Ads, adding engaging posts, and tweets can go a long way in gaining customers. Small resources should not prohibit small businesses from being BIG on social media.

It can be hard for small businesses to find their niche with social media and marketing in general. But remembering that social media is powerful will take a little bit of time. This can be a valuable asset that can work with a little bit of money and can be the recipe for a small businesses' success.

Are you a small business using social media? If so, what do you do to THINK BIG, but stay small? What are some of your favorite small businesses on Facebook and Twitter?

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