Put it in your Pocket!

By Ramon Thompson I often find myself skimming my twitter stream during the morning commute, checking out the latest news and updates and occasionally marking things as "favorites" so I can check them out later. As it turns out, I never quite get around to checking those favorites, so I've always been on the lookout for a solution that keeps everything readily accessible and makes viewing enjoyable.

That's where Pocket comes in! Pocket is a bookmarking tool, with some cool features that make it easier than creating a bookmark or marking an item as a favorite.

  • Pocket allows you to add items - articles, photos, video - to a personal queue that is accessible across all your devices.
  • For mobile devices there is a Pocket app available, or you can simply use your devices browser to view your queue online.
  • The queue displays your saved content as either a list, or as a grid with preview images.

Those features are great, but the one I'm most excited about is the ability to "view content as it was meant to be viewed". This probably comes from being a graphic designer, but it's more likely that I just want to read the articles quickly, without distractions. Here's a visual example (via Smashing Magazine):

First, the original website:








Here's the version in my Pocket queue:


Personally, with the plethora of content that we consume daily, it's nice to be able to just enjoy it!

Find out more about the app by visiting the Pocket website.

Do you use Pocket, or something similar? Share your thoughts in the comments!