Three Numbers That Are Your Best Facebook Asset

By Dhara Naik  The Insights portion of your Facebook’s brand page gives you an in depth perspective on how your community interacts with your brand and amongst one another. If you take a look at Facebook Insights, it can often be daunting trying to figure out what all of the different numbers mean. When you decipher those numbers, Facebook Insights is very telling about exactly what your community wants, what they like to talk about and how they’re sharing your content with their friends. Studying your insights on a weekly or even monthly basis can really be your best asset in driving the results you’re looking for.


So, how do you get there? Here are three ways to take a look at Facebook Insights to get the most out of your efforts:

Lifetime Reach and Post Date and Time

If you take a look at the reach numbers for each post during the week or month, it can really give you an understanding of the types of content getting the most number of eyeballs, but what I love about Insights is taking a look at the times where my content was able to get to as many people as possible. I like to compare the time of post alongside the day to understand which type of content does well during certain days and times. So for instance, does my audience like seeing posts about products on Wednesdays at 11 am or do they prefer content with pictures during this time?

Sorting lifetime reach by post and categorizing your content into buckets will help you sift through the data and really understand what’s reaching the most number of people.


The next piece of data that I like to sort through is Engaged Users by post. While Reach tells me how many people saw my post in their newsfeed, engaged users really tells me who clicked a link, liked a post, made a comment or shared it with someone else. Once you create your content buckets and determine which posts have greatest reach, it’s important to see which of those posts also had the greatest number of engaged users. These are the people that are really telling you what your community likes to talk about and what they are willing to share. Engaged users are the people who will eventually turn into brand ambassadors because chances are they’re already brand loyalists. Understanding how to cater to this group of people with your content is going to improve your strategy.

Talking About This

The third metric I like to take a look at is Talking About This. This number gives me a breakdown of who liked, commented or shared my post. This number is great to look at when there aren’t any external links or photos included in your post. While engaged users takes into account who clicked on a link or photo, Talking About This simply factors the number of comments, likes and shares by post. I like to see how my simple and short posts compare to other types of content.

With a little bit of devoted time, these three numbers can tell you a lot about your Facebook content strategy and give you a benchmark to make improvements.

How do you use Facebook Insights to create your strategy?