5 Olympians That Deserve the Gold in Social Media

By Rindaanne Riccio Since last Friday it seems like all everyone can talk about are this year’s Olympic Games. If you are anything like me, you look forward to this almost as much as your birthday, except if your birthday was once every four years! Thanks to the wonderful development of social media and the ways we use it in our everyday life, the Olympics talk does not have to stop at what you see on TV!

In the world of Twitter, everyone is on the same playing field. Celebrities are no longer untouchable and even your favorite Olympians are right at your fingertips! The best part is that it gives you the feeling of seeing things “behind the scenes” and makes you feel like a VIP to some of your biggest idols. When it comes to deciding who is worth the follow, you want to make sure that they are listening to their community, providing good content and most of all- they are down to earth just like you! Nothing makes someone more likeable than being able to relate to them. After following every Olympian I could possibly search for, I have decided that these are the top 5 and hit all of these key points while bringing something else to our network’s table.

5- @KerriLeeWalsh

Kicking us off will be the lady that isn’t just an incredible Beach Volleyball Gold Medalist (so jealous!) but the Olympian who embodies what it means to listen to her audience. Although she is not big on engaging with her fans, you can tell she carefully takes the time to scroll through her mentions and read what her community has to say. People take the time to tell their idols how much they mean to them, and a simple ‘Retweet’ can go a long way!

4- @RyanLochte

This year’s Olympics are all about #LochteFever! One of the most important things you can do as someone of high social status is show appreciation. All Olympians are fairly good at showing their love, but Ryan makes it his priority to dedicate every step of his success to his “Lochte Nation” and inspire them along the way. He is creating a loyal fan base, which in Social Media is one of the most powerful things to have.

3- @TysonLGay

If there is one thing I love most about following him, besides that he got #TeamUSA a Gold, it’s that he really loves engaging with his fan base. Tyson responds to people tweeting at him and is constantly appreciative of those tweeting their support. My favorite part is that he has a humor to his tweets- between his smiley faces and use of laughter, he really makes it feel like you are following a friend!

2- @Jordyn_Wieber

Not only is she a part of the fabulous 5 - and a truly talented gymnast who dominated this Tuesday - she is one of the most lovable people on Twitter, period. She does an amazing job at giving her followers an “insider's view” on her road to the Olympics. Jordyn also gets an A+ for incorporating other social media networks into her Twitter with her use of Instagram. She’s growing her community and fan base beyond Twitter, which makes others want to engage with her and enjoy reading her tweets.

aaaaaand the top Olympian to follow is:

1- @Matthew_Mitcham

If you are like me, and your 2 Olympic iPhone Apps are just not enough for updates (just kidding- I don’t have 2. It’s more like 5...) Matt is perfect to follow! He is super engaging, funny, friendly, informative, and most of all he shows his support and love for everything Olympics. He congratulates his fellow members of #TeamUSA and gives his followers plenty to look at with his fun pictures and updates on almost every event! I would definitely say that Diving and Twitter are his greatest events!

Who are some of your favorite Olympians to follow on Twitter? What makes them such a joy to follow? Feel free to share and comment below!

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