Celebrations of Summer on Facebook

By Nicole Mastrangelo We tried to avoid it and we tried to deny it, but unfortunately the summer has begun to end all around us. As kids are headed back to school and August slowly turns into September, we all are searching for those last few summer days! In an attempt to keep living in the sunny months, we take a look back to the wonderful celebrations of the season on social media. There were countless brands that reached out to their community through pictures, contests and content to share their love of the sun. Among everything there were a few pages that stood out in their ambitions to reach an audience. A newsfeed can be hard to break through when specific phrases are mentioned over and over again, but with creativity your page can still stand out. Here are some of the best summer celebrations we saw on Facebook over the past few months:

  •  How can you possibly mention the summer of 2012 without mentioning the London Olympics? Every brand and every page mentioned the Olympics at least once during its exciting two week run, but Coca-Cola simply did a great job of capturing the spirit. Coca-Cola featured pictures, stories and videos of the Olympians. One of the most interactive posts was when fans were asked to share questions for the American Olympian, Shawn Johnson as she would be answering everything right on the page later in the week.


  •  Even though summer seems to be one long vacation for some people, there are always tons of individual holidays to celebrate for those of us still at work. This summer, Oreo shared the smallest holidays and celebrations through creative imaging. Statistics and analytics tell us that some of the most active posts are photographs or images. Oreo made their own cookie creations with for recognition of fun holidays like the anniversary of the moon landing, the Elvis Week celebration, National Cheesecake Day and the Mars rover landing (displayed on the left).


  • The most successful pages on Facebook aren’t always the pages with the most “Likes.” A Facebook page is most successful when the community is engaging with their fans. Converse consistently asks their fans for their input and opinions. Not only does Converse ask fans questions through posts, but the sneaker brand asked fans to submit different photos through “Show Me Yours” categories. Requests to see Converse in blue, in dirt, in nature, in the neighborhood and even with a Dr. Seuss theme were all shared with those in the community. The most recent posts on Converse have fans looking through all of their summer photography for the “Show Me Yours Summertime” collection. This campaign is the perfect wrap up to the summer.

Which other brands did you see celebrating our favorite season with stand out interaction?

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