How To Connect With Your Customers Online, Offline

By: Gabriella Piazza Many brands struggle with offline social media marketing.  Marketers are constantly looking for ways to drive in-store customers to their social networks.  Have you been asking yourself how to drive your “in-line” audience “online?”

Here are a few quick marketing tools and tricks to get some real-time social exposure from your in-store customers.

A Simple Text:

One of the biggest offline social secrets that brands for SOME reason do not use or promote is the ability to like a page via text.  To like a page via mobile text, just text like and the Page's username to 32665 (fbook). For example, if you text: Likeable Media, to 32665 (fbook), then you will like the Likeable Media Facebook Page.  Twitter also has the same text feature.  If you text, “Follow Likeable Media” to 40404 you will instantly become a follower of Likeable Media. Stores can now have their customers who don't have smartphones or don’t want the hassle of opening a social app at checkout to like their page on-the-go!

Marketing Materials:

It is important to advertise your social presence in your actual store.  Window clings, signs, and other marketing materials are easy to order.  Having these in-store marketing materials reinforce your online presence is extremely important.  Recently I went shopping at Primma Donna, which is a small jewelry store chain in NY.  At checkout, they stapled their social site business card to my receipt.  This is a great example of a quick and easy solution to making sure that your customer knows that you are present on social.  When they go back and look at their purchase they now have a tangible reminder to look up your store on Facebook and or Twitter!


Social Checkout:

Offering a social discount at checkout is a foolproof tool to drive your customer to your social site.  Having a sign that says “10% off your purchase if you text ‘Likeable Media’ to 32665(fbook),” is a real time call to action.  You have successfully directed your customer online, while being “in line!”


What are some offline marketing tools your brand uses in-store?