Go Back-to-School With Your Social Media Content

By Shari Donk In high school, everyone seems to find their place in a clique, deemed for 4 years by a name or title based on who they associate with. Back to school season is in full force – don’t let your social strategy get sucked into one and only one clique. In order to make this school year a successful one, be sure to take away a lesson from each standard high school clique.

The Jocks – All eyes are on the jocks. They set the example for the entire school and influence their peers. The jocks are a great example of how Facebook visual content should be done.  In order to be shareable, appealing, and newsworthy, it cannot be anything less than a touchdown.  A jock doesn’t follow the crowd, the crowd follows the jock. Be a thought leader in your content and have all the other brands in your industry dying to wear your Letterman jacket.

The Cheerleaders – The cheerleaders can be a little ditzy, but their loud voices and cheerful spirits make them hard to ignore. You can learn two things from the cheerleader.  First, check your spelling and grammar. One small mistake can lead to a lot of backlash. And secondly, use a short, definitive call to action. B-e- aggressive! Spell it out if you have to, but give your customer a reason to love your brand.

The Science Nerds – The nerds are the smartest, most methodical group in the school. They monitor everything from start to finish, proving and disproving hypothesis. Being a science nerd can really come in handy for your brand. Use insights to track your brand’s social progress. Measure your key performance indicators (KPIs) to put together award-winning case studies.  The science nerds may not be cool in high school, but without measurement and preciseness in the social space, your brand will never reach full potential.

The Bully – Bullies are a great example to show what NOT to do on social. Bullies are loud, bullies are demanding, and bullies talk in the third person. They are reminiscent of how push marketing works. Going around telling people how awesome your brand is and to buy your product/service constantly on the social space is annoying, frustrating for your customers, and simply in effective.  Don’t be a bully.

Which clique are you guilty of sticking to? Which other clique could you learn the most from? Comment below!

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