Special SXSW Panel Picker Edition!

By Dave Kerpen In this week's Watch Me Wednesday, I discuss Likeable's participation in SXSW, the nation's largest technology conference. This year, Likeable is super excited to have not one, not two, not three, but FOUR speaking submissions. Members of our Likeable team are ready to share their experience and insight with you at SXSW. Everything's more likeable in Texas! If you think we are likeable, give our four SXSW sessions a "thumbs up" today!

SXSW #PanelPicker: How to Lose a Client in 10 Days featuring Jenna Lebel and Mallorie Rosenbluth http://buff.ly/MTYjBa

SXSW #PanelPicker: Facebook for Local: Better than a Root Canal featuring Megan McMahon http://buff.ly/MTYexg

SXSW #PanelPicker: Build Your Social Strategy in 30 Minutes featuring Frank Emanuele and Cara Friedman http://buff.ly/MTY0Gt

SXSW #Panel Picker: Why It Pays To Be Likeable featuring me, Dave Kerpen http://buff.ly/MTY1tP