Three Great Apps for Going Back to School

By Kelsey Brooks As the summer ends, and the school year begins, there is a sense of urgency to get prepared. Going back to school shopping can be stressful and overwhelming after a long, lazy summer. Luckily, these three apps will help the transition be a little easier!

1. Flashcards+: Using flashcards is a popular tool all students use. It is also a top purchased school supply item. This free app allows students to create and study cards easily. It is also a great app for parents of young students. Parents can input their young child’s flashcards on to their phones and allow them to study them on the go.

2. Dropbox and Google Drive: Cloud storage is making group projects so much easier. Students who are in a groups and splitting a paper or a PowerPoint presentation can easily share documents through Dropox and GoogleDrive.

3., Dictionary and Thesaurus: Having a dictionary and a thesaurus in the palm of your hand can help any student! The app also works offline, so it is always accessible.

What apps will you use to get prepared for the school year?