What to Expect Next in Facebook Ads

By: Andi BartonWith the ability to tap into Facebook users' willingly provided personal demographic info, Facebook ads have proven to be a foolproof strategy for reaching your target market. But what if advertisers could bring a real-time, consumer behavior focused element to their strategy? Facebook has been testing the next level of targeting for a new realm of advertising opportunity. 

In June, Facebook introduced its newest idea for advancement in advertising called "Facebook Exchange". The topic has recently resurfaced via TechCrunch with updates stating that the testing is going very well. 

Facebook Exchange plans on connecting with numerous advertising platforms in order to track people's purchasing behavior and web surfing activity. With the use of web cookies, sites will be able to advertise on Facebook directly to users based on recent searches or purchasing trends. These cookies will allow third party platforms to assign a particular code for site visitors, and see how they have been perusing particular elements of their website. Using this code, advertising platforms are able to target on Facebook when the same complementary code for this particular user then returns to Facebook. Also bringing more of a real-time factor to advertising potential.

This opens up a whole new level of advertising needs. While demographic targetting is hugely necessary to reach your audience, the ability to now target based on web activity in order to drive activity is monumental. This will be a flawless way to not only reach your audience on Facebook, but also draw these fans back to your website at the same time. For example, if a user was tracked having viewed a particular model of a new car online, Facebook ads can be directed to this user where the specific car and its features can be used in the ad copy. Versus until now where advertising for a brand was limited to merely knowing that a targetted user is a "car fanatic", or has liked your brand on Facebook.

Facebooks ads have proven to be a successful route for acquisiton on your Facebook page. With the ability to now accurately reach your target market further in terms of sales and narrowing down more relevant customers, brands have the option to create ad campaigns that are far more focused.

Where do you see Facebook advertisers benefiting most from Facebook Exchange? Share your thoughts in the comments below!