A Likeable Leader: President Barack Obama’s Stellar Social Media Use

The power of social media starts with the most powerful person in the world. That’s right, the leader of the free world, President Barack Obama along with his staff, have mastered the technique of creating content and generating a noteworthy buzz. “How has he done this?” you might wonder. More important, “Why is he placing his efforts on social media when he should be working on his campaign and platform?”

Here are 3 ways President Obama and his team have leveraged social media into their campaign:

1. Twitter: Barack Obama is not only tweeting over 30 times a day to keep the world in the loop with immediate pressing factoids, decisions, and breaking news, but also reaching out with deliverables on his campaign.  He is also leading Republican Candidate Mitt Romney in followers…By a lot. Romney looms at an impressive 1,025,890 followers, while President Obama boasts an unrivaled 19.3 million. The outreach is incomparable. News you want to know, Obama and his staff have presented and responded to you. Three words and 20 thousand retweets was all it took to prove the point—“This seat’s taken”.

2. Facebook: Have you seen Obama’s facebook page?  A recap; 28 million ‘Likes,’3 million people actively talking about him -- Constant relevant talk and interaction regarding Domestic policy, fundraising and volunteer opportunities, the Democratic National Convention, and response to negative attention. Obama’s content has only 16% campaign activities and promotion, compared to his competition who’s facebook content provides 28% campaign activity and obtains half of the trafficked response. Obama’s campaign page has erupted as an interactive platform to register and utilize insight from the people, because, after all, the president is FOR the people and elected BY the people.

3.  Dashboard: The tool of Obama’s campaign to get the people involved in the campaign. It is a way for interest groups to receive the latest news, meet up, discuss, and work together for the cause they believe in. It is completely voluntary, but offers a unique way of connecting Obama supporters to actually make a difference in a decision that truly matters to them. It localizes the campaign on a micro level, by neighborhood, and demographics. It

A man chosen to represent the people, using social media tools, designed to connect the people, to connect with the people. WOW.

God Bless America.

How do you think the political parties can use social media more efficiently?