Brands Who Play Together...Engage Together?

By Kelsey Ohman We’ve all secretly stashed snacks in our pockets before we head to the movie theater, but don’t tell AMC Theatres!  On Tuesday, four tweets between Oreo and AMC Theatres brought in a whopping 1,985 RTs and 1,918 new followers. The clever exchange delighted fans and gained national media attention.

Let’s face it, we’re all a little envious of that great engagement.  But who’s to say that our brands can’t follow suit?  AMC jumped on a relevant opportunity to interact with a high profile brand in a funny, offhand manner that humanized its traditional, somewhat salesy brand voice.  Many brands can gain followers and boost their engagement by taking on trends and fans’ tweets with a sense of humor. We love to follow brands who have fun with their fans, and chances are, their audiences do too.

Want to loosen up your brand voice?  Consider these guidelines:

DO be a little bit punny and sarcastic.

DON’T be offensive.  Know your fans and trust your instincts.
DO have fun with your fans on a personal level, too.  They’ll be more inclined to share their conversation with their friends. This interaction between Things Remembered(Likeable client) and a fan is a great example.
DO think outside the box.  Who knew that toilet paper could be funny?  (I’m looking at you, @Charmin)

DON’T lose sight of your brand’s core values and goals.

DO acknowledge viral trends in a relevant way.  See @WalkingDead_AMC’s latest YOLO tweet.


Who do you think are the most fun brands on social media?  Share your thoughts in the comments!