How To Create A Facebook Promoted Post

By Michele Weisman We have all heard the phrase, "content is king." Creating likeable content takes time and a specific strategy. Consumers can now make assumptions by just skimming a brand's Facebook page. Are they responsive? Do they create likeable, shareable content? How often do they post? Do they care about their community? However, your content on Facebook is competing with other business pages as well as all of your fans' friends for a spot in the newsfeed. It is possible that your content can be overlooked.

According to a 2011 comScore report, on average, only 16% of brand content organically reaches your fans.  If you are creating high quality content, invest in getting more eyeballs on it. Last week, we discussed the importance of how to activate your Facebook community. A Facebook promoted post is one way a brand can optimize engagement and interaction on their page. A page post ad increases the likelihood that your content will be seen by current fans and their friends. Despite the myths behind promoted posts, here are four tips to help you expand your brand’s reach on Facebook.

1. Create content that's shareable and interesting. Develop a unique brand voice for your posts. Study your fans to know what content they want and when they want it.  Promoted posts are best for compelling content, such as videos, free whitepapers, webinar offers, promotions, exclusive deals, or a great blog post.  Your call to action should be clear. Tell your fans to “like,” comment or share your post. You’ll be surprised what you can get if you just ask!

2. Optimize your post for mobile.  The number of Facebook users who regularly check their newsfeed via Facebook's mobile app continues to exponentially rise. According to Social Bakers, 57% of Facebook's 955 million users access Facebook's mobile application often. It is important that your image on your post is eye catching and sized appropriately. To save marketers time, we’ve created a cheat sheet that gives you all the dimensions you’ll need for your Facebook page.

3. Know your audience. Who do you want to see your post? Do you want to increase your fan base? Do you want to focus on your current customers? You have two targeting options for a promoted post. A company can either target people who like their page OR people who like their page and their friends.

 4. Budget appropriately and test, test, test.  It is recommended to test your promoted post at a small budget. For as little as $10, marketers can reach a greater percentage of fans through a Facebook promoted. This content will show up in the newsfeeds of your fans' and/or your fans' friends as a "Sponsored Post." Brands have the potential to increase their post likes, clicks, comments and impressions. With minimal risk, your brand has the opportunity to increase the spend based on your success.

What are your tips for Facebook promoted posts? Share your success stories in the comments below!